It's still cold outside, even in the south. This is the perfect time to sit by the fire at night with a warm drink and a pile of plant and seed catalogs in your lap. It warms you just to think about the bountiful vegetable garden, the sensuous herbs and glorious flowers you will grow in just a few short months!

If you like to start your annual gardens with seedlings that you grow yourself then it's time to get your seeds and get them growing under lights or sunny windows. I especially like to grow peppers and tomatoes from seed so I know exactly what I'm getting. I like to grow heirloom varieties that usually can't be found in the local nurseries. There's nothing like the taste of an old fashioned tomato warm off the vine that was bred for taste. Yum!

We've listed sources for you to acquire seed and plant catalogs to fill the chilly nights ahead:

Richter's Herbs - Unique & rare herbs. Request a Catalog (they ship world-wide)

Burpee - Seeds and plants of vegetables, flowers, herbs and accessories. Request a Catalog (US, APO/FPO only)

Harris Seeds - veggie and flower seeds, transplants & bulbs, supplies, products, planters, greenhouses. Shop Online (US and Canada)

Shepherd's Seeds - Select bulbs, tubers, shrubs, flowers, fruits, herb and veggie plants & seeds. Request a catalog (continental US, Alaska, Hawaii)

Johnny's Selected Seeds - Seeds of veggies, flowers, medicinal and culinary herbs. Request a catalog (free in US, Canada and Mexico)

Jung Quality Seeds - herbs, perennials, veggies, fruits, groundcovers, organic seeds. Shop Online

Wayside Gardens - trees, shrubs, roses, vines, perennials for sun and shade, groundcovers, bulbs, edibles and accessories. Request a catalog (US and Canada)

Territorial Seed - veggies, flowers, herbs, transplants, tools and supplies. Request a catalog

Now, to borrow a phrase, go out there and "Get those hands dirty!"