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How to Make a Bird House

By: Lara Smith

If you find yourself cooped up inside with your children all day and are eager for some ideas that will keep your kids happily occupied; a bird house is the perfect and safe craft that will provide your kids with hours of entertainment.

The finished project is something your children are sure to be proud of and can be displayed in your backyard!

There are several things parents should have handy before you begin making your bird house. Below, we listed out several items you want to have before you start building:

  1. Glue- any type of wood super glue
  2. Paint and brushes- nontoxic and non-staining
  3. Sandpaper- Any that you have handy will work fine
  4. Dowel rod- Just 2- 2'' inches long
  5. Eye hook screw
  6. Screwdriver
  7. Large tin canister- empty and industrial sized

Before you begin it is important to remember that this is a craft that should be done under the supervision of adults. Never leave your children unattended with the listed above tools.

The first step is to make sure there are no sharp edges on the empty can. If there are some rough spots you can cover them with paper tape.

Next you want to drill a hole in the side of the can. Only adults should do this part and goggles should always be worn. Using a drill bit that large enough for a bird to pass through, drill into the side of the can. If the rough edges cannot be smoothed, you can have your children glue a pipe cleaner along the hole just cut.

You then want to paint the can. This is a great opportunity for your young children to participate. Have them paint the can whatever color they choose and then set the can aside to dry.

Once the can has dried you can assemble the rest of the bird house. Make sure the can is standing up where the lid that has been removed is facing down. Glue a small cut dowel rod just under the hole in the can- this will be your perch for the birds.

Next, you can glue a square of wood large enough to cover the open can. Use glue that is strong enough to bond the metal and piece of wood.

After the glue has dried completely you can place a eye hook screw in the top of the can. Thread some pretty ribbon or yarn through the screw and tie it to a tree in your backyard!

Your finished project will most certainly attract a variety of birds and your children will love being able to be a part of something so unique!

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