Holiday Tips and Ideas

Our first list of tips is from General Electric. Everyone loves holiday lights, but who likes dragging them out and dealing with tangled cords and burnt out bulbs? The following is a list of suggestions and ideas to help make your holiday lighting a bright moment instead of burning you out!

  • When decorating the holiday tree, distribute lights from top to bottom and add strands as necessary. Make sure to test the lights before putting them on the tree.

  • To avoid the mess and hassles associated with real garland in the home, consider using pre-lit LED Wreaths and artificial garland on the mantel and along stair railings. This not only saves assembly time, it also provides considerable cost-savings year after year.

  • Look into new decorating products designed to achieve a beautiful look with virtually timeless application, such as the one-step Hedge Sets and Net Lights for trees and bushes. These indoor/outdoor light sets are also available in a pole-like format, called the Trunk WrapÔ , for easy decorating of tree trunks, columns or non-metal post lights.

  • If "outlining" your house with lights, consider using the latest trend of hanging Icicle Lights or Roof and Window Valence Lights along windows and gutters - a beautiful effect for any style home. This year, various styles are available, including Blue to White Icicle Light sets.

  • Simple decorating can provide dramatic results. For subtle outdoor effects, consider using colored floodlights directed toward the house or trees. Easy to install and requiring little maintenance, these lamps can provide a festive look year-round.

  • Ideal for seasonal use or for everyday security, innovative Photoelectric Outdoor Switch Timers make lighting efforts a snap. Look for systems, either mechanical or digital, that turn on at dusk and then off automatically at a pre-selected time.

  • Wreaths can be difficult to light due to outlet constraints. LED Green and Red Light Set with Battery Pack eliminates this problem completely. The LED bulbs last up to 10,000 hours – 10 times longer than conventional battery-operated miniature light sets. And the system's compact design requires only 2 AA batteries.

  • To increase and ease access to indoor electrical outlets, especially around sofas and other furniture, use a cord that "splits" at the plug - forming two separate cords from one outlet. This feature expands usage from one outlet to six, which is ideal at the holidays when receptacles are at a premium.

  • To eliminate the strenuous bending and maneuvering generally required to plug in the indoor holiday tree lights each year, consider using a convenient indoor lamp foot switch. By simply depressing the switch with a light tap of the foot, lights or other devices will illuminate instantly.

  • Add some excitement to your indoor decorating. New specialty lighted decorations - now available in creative designs, such as the LED Mouse/Tree, LED Teddy Bear or Hallmark Angel update and brighten ordinary holiday displays throughout the home.